Sector specific schemes

Sector Specific Schemes


PAS43 – Management system specification for the safe working of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations

An advantage if implemented within an ISO9001 quality management system and can have benefits if integrated with OHSAS18001 and ISO14001.


ISO13485 – Medical Devices – Quality management system – Requirements for regulatory purposes

Based on ISO9001 but should be implemented on its own. This standard specifies the requirements for the design and development, production, installation and servicing of medical devices, and the design, development, and provision of related services.


AS9100/AS9120 Aerospace and Defence Standard

Based on ISO9001 but should be implemented on its own.

AS9100 is a quality management system for the design, development, production, installation and servicing for defence and aerospace companies.

AS9120 is for aerospace/aircraft/defence product stockists only.


BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

A standard produced by the British Retail Consortium designed to comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations and similar to ISO22000.

Must be implemented within a quality management system and must include a HACCP system.


BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Material

Originally designed to establish criteria for the supply of packaging and packaging materials for the food industry, this standard is now adopted by major retailers and packaging businesses around the world. Certification verifies technical performance, aids manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations, and helps provide protection to the consumer.


BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution

This Standard provides certification for the section of the supply chain between BRC Standards for the manufacture of food, packaging and consumer products and the end user of these products, the retailer/food service company.

Aimed at organisations involved in the storage and distribution of goods, the Standard is designed to ensure best practice in the handling, storage and distribution of products and to promote continuous improvement in operating practices.


BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products

Sets out requirements that an organisation should adhere to in order to be able to consistently produce safe, legal consumer products to the quality required by its customers.


Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems are a mandatory requirement when your operations involve food or food ingredients. HACCP systems have also been used effectively in other industry sectors.

In general, HACCP involves identifying hazards in a process, analyzing the risk, identifying critical control points and measures to minimize or eliminate the risk.

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